Automate your talent intelligence with a holistic & seamless solution

We help HR leaders manage the entire lifecycle of the HR ecosystem via a single platform

Digital Talent Evaluation

Our Digital Talent Evaluation platform is the holistic solution that a hiring manager needs. Interview, connect and recruit better candidates from any location, faster

Applicant Tracking System 

A modern recruiting system that enables staffing agencies to increase sales, streamline operations and differentiate themselves from the competition. Manage your HR lifecycle from hire to retire, all in one place


TaliqCash takes care of the entire revenue lifecycle through simple yet powerful automation. Our tool tracks the entire business cycle from lead generation, candidate hiring, invoice generation, and ultimately to revenue recognition 

Empower and Engage Your HR Team with Talbotiq solutions

We give a holistic experience from hire to retire for staffing & recruitment companies and help you operate business effectively from the point of sale to realizing your invoices and bills

Easy user


Highly secure

and scalable

End to end


We always strive to maintain high standards of service quality for our customers

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