Transform the way

you hire talent with AI recruitment ​

Automate repetitive tasks, seamlessly match candidates to jobs based on their skills, and gain insights into candidate performance to make informed hiring decisions.


Leaders Exchange

Transforming the Malaysian talent landscape in collaboration with Y.A.B Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang and High Commissioner of India B.N.Reddy with our Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Akhil Gupta

Dynamic Sourcing Automation

Find top talent faster and easier with our AI-Driven candidate sourcing software
  • Recommended job descriptions – AI-powered job descriptions that are tailored to your target audience attract more qualified candidates and fill your open positions faster
  • 2500+ global job boards & social media platforms – Expand your job reach worldwide to maximize job visibility and target a diverse pool of candidates
  • Multi-Job Posting and Branded Career Page – Increase your brand visibility and showcase your company’s unique identity and culture with a well-designed career page that speaks to candidates about your values

Instant AI Driven Candidate Matching

Take your hiring to the next level with unprecedented efficiency and precision
  • Quick & Accurate Resume Parsing – Convert complex resumes into structured data for faster candidate screening and better hiring decisions
  • Talent recommendations at hyper speed – instant identification of top tier candidates through advanced algorithms and AI candidate matching
  • Best Fit, Merit-Based Candidate Ranking – Say goodbye to bias and subjectivity with a fair and objective candidate ranking system
  • Continuous Algorithm Improvement – Our system learns and improves with each user rating & feedback, making it more intelligent at predicting and recommending candidates based on your requirements

Fast track your interview process

Create & conduct video interviews anytime, anywhere with our inbuilt Video Interview & Candidate Evaluation Tool
  • Automated structured & live video interviews – screen large numbers of candidates quickly and efficiently while gaining data backed insights into their skills, abilities, and fit for the job
  • Exhaustive questions library driven by AI – personalized recommendations for questions specifically designed to assess the candidate’s skills, abilities, and fit for the job
  • Auto interview scheduling and calendar integration – automatically schedule interviews with candidates based on their availability and yours, so you’ll never miss an interview
  • On-Screen Candidate Rating and Feedback – Score candidates in real time during interviews with on-screen rating to make more informed hiring decisions.
  • Branded interview rooms – create a consistent and inviting atmosphere that reflects your company’s culture and values, and give candidates a sense of what it would be like to work with you

Data-Backed Insights & Actions

Gain easy-to-understand insights into your end to end hiring process, from the big picture to minute, underlying details so you can make informed decisions about your hiring strategy
  • Interview vs Offer Ratio
  • Resource Source Breakdown
  • Manpower Requisition Ageing
  • Interview Success/Drop Out Ratio
  • Recruiter Productivity KPIs

Centralized Communications Hub

We bring all your major communication channels together into a single platform to make it easy for your team to collaborate

The Only Integrated Mailbox You'll Ever Need

Send, receive, organize, and engage with candidates seamlessly within a single & unified interface to streamline your correspondence and ensure a cohesive and efficient hiring process
  • Calendar integration: View your email messages alongside your calendar events, so you can easily see which messages are related to upcoming appointments
  • Task management: Create tasks from email messages, so you can keep track of what needs to be done
  • Document management: Store and share documents with other users, so you can collaborate on projects more easily
  • Reporting: Generate reports on your email usage, so you can track your productivity and identify areas for improvement
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