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Simplifying the way you recruit exceptional talents in just a few clicks.

In the last 22 years, Talbotiq Technologies founder Akhil Gupta has worked in multiple organizations from industries such as Telecommunications, HR, and presently the IT domain. His vast experience in these domains has given him real insights into the value of talent and people in an organization, primarily the importance of hiring the right candidate, selecting the right person for a particular role, and onboarding them into the system in a structured and organized manner.

Talbotiq Technologies founder has also discovered that HR practitioners often realize that finding the right talent is becoming increasingly cumbersome, in many instances after massive time and cost have been invested. A lot of manual tasks is involved, and despite the availability of the best automation tools in the market today, HR professionals still struggle to cover the most basic and common processes in the recruitment and talent acquisition cycle.

Talbotiq Technologies

HR practitioners spend a lot of time on manual tasks in Excel and email, which is repetitive and inefficient.

HR practitioners often use multiple tools to manage the hiring process, but these tools are often fragmented and do not provide a holistic experience. Talbotiq Technologies is creating a platform that addresses the entire hiring lifecycle from planning to onboarding, providing a more seamless and integrated experience for HR teams.

Company Vision

To simplify talent management with holistic 

and intelligent automation

What We Stand For

Our core values bind us together as a team. As an integral part of our DNA, we live and breathe these values and vow to embrace these attributes as our charter to provide our stakeholders with a meaningful experience with us, every time


We say what we mean, mean what we say


We creat today, For better tomorrow.


We value relationship

Our Value Proposition

Simple & Effective

Effortless user interface designed within a highly integrated workflow for a seamless user experience

By HR Practitioners

Wholesome enabler for smart decisions and solutions to real life HR challenges – created by HR practitioners, for HR practitioners

Innovative Technology

Spearheading real time automation with intelligent prediction of future outcomes.

One Holistic Platform

Connecting the missing pieces in the HR lifecyle holistically on an intelligent, synergic platform.

There are many valuable HR tools on the market, but HR practitioners are often forced to use multiple tools that don’t integrate with each other. This can lead to a fragmented and inefficient hiring process.

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