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Our AI-powered ATS & Sales CRM system is custom-made for recruitment companies to bridge the gap between sales and recruiting teams. Seamlessly track your entire lifecycle from sales leads, contracts, placements, all the way to auto-invoice generation, close more deals and improve your bottom line.

Purpose Built CRM for Recruitment Agencies

Our purpose-built CRM is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of recruitment agencies, bridge the gap between sales & recruiting teams, and provide you with a comprehensive suite of tools that streamlines your processes and optimize your outcomes.

Sales & Order Fulfillment Pipeline Management

Manage your sales pipeline with ease, from initial prospecting to successful closing. Customize your sales stages to match your unique process and effortlessly manage all communications in a single, centralized hub.

Revenue Tracking & Forecasts

Stay on top of your agency’s financial health with real-time revenue tracking and forecasts. Track & manage new placements, and monitor your recruitment pipeline seamlessly to ensure sustained growth and success

Auto Invoice Generation & Collection Tracking

Our software automatically generates invoices based on your contract terms. You can track the status of invoices and send reminders to clients who are overdue, and get paid faster with our collection tracking features.

Branch Financial Performance Reporting

Gain visibility into the financial performance of each branch with our comprehensive reporting dashboard. Monitor and analyze data to optimize branch-level operations and drive success.

Sales & Recruiters Performance Management

Give your team the tools they need to succeed with a 360 degrees business automation tool. Track the performance of your sales and recruiting teams in real time, and get insights into key metrics that matter to you, such as placements, revenue, client interactions, and candidate quality at your finger tips.

2500+ Job Boards & Social Media Sites

Expand your reach like never before! With integration into over 2500 global job boards and social media platforms, your job listings will have maximum visibility, ensuring you find the perfect candidates, no matter where they are

Intelligent Resume & JD Parsing

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Our Auto Resume and Job Description Parsing feature instantly organizes and extracts key information from resumes and job descriptions, saving you time and ensuring accuracy

AI Driven Candidate & Job Matching

Our system intelligently pairs candidates with the most suitable job roles, ensuring a higher quality match and faster hiring. Experience the power of AI with our advanced candidate and job matching algorithm. 

AI Powered Competency Based Structured Interviews

Effortlessly conduct video interviews and evaluations with multiple candidates all at once and review anywhere, anytime. Evaluate candidates accurately, streamline the interview process, and make more informed decisions with our built in video interview software

AI Driven Job Roles & Interview Questions Library

Create AI assisted job roles and interview questions for thorough candidate assessments and streamlined hiring decisions. Our AI-driven library assists you in creating accurate job descriptions and relevant interview questions to attract the best talent.

Objective & Efficient Shortlisting

Select candidates using empirical based and fair evaluation techniques for bias free hiring decisions, ensuring that the best candidates are selected for the job, regardless of their background or personal characteristics.

Integrated Candidate Assessments

Assess candidates comprehensively with our selection of integrated assessment tools. From soft skills to technical assessments, you can easily make informed decisions based on candidate performance, ensuring a perfect fit for your team.

Branded Career Page

Showcase your company culture and attract top talent with a customizable Branded Career Page. Let candidates explore your organization’s unique identity and values as they consider joining your team.

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