TaliqCash takes care of your entire revenue lifecycle through simple yet powerful automation, seamlessly integrated with our Sales CRM & ATS

Our tool tracks your entire business cycle from lead generation, candidate hiring, invoice generation and ultimately to cash collection, thus empowering your business team to run a highly effective and cash efficient recruitment and staffing business. We bring complete automation to your process and connect all sales channels into one common ecosystem for debt collection efficiency, highly integrable with widely used accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero and more

All About Billing

Automatic Billing
Create invoices in TaliqCash automatically based on your preferred schedule, frequency and milestones such as candidate selection or onboarding. Reduce cash flow headaches by ensuring invoices are prepared, reviewed, and received by your client on time, every time

Submit and Approve Workflow
Utilize the submit and approve workflow to direct draft invoices to the right contacts in increasing accountability and control. You can automatically finalize invoices and have them emailed to your clients upon approval, or choose other forms of preferred communication platforms

Email Invoices with ePayments
Improve cash flow by enabling invoices to be submitted to designated client contacts immediately upon approval. Your clients can pay invoices right away with e-Payments, thereby saving time and expediting cash collection

A Flexible Approach to Billing
Choose from a wide range of billing models i.e % on gross salary, fixed fee per hire, slab and tier based fee structure, recurring fee, retainers, project fees and more while gaining deeper insight into markups, write-offs and billing rules to reduce revenue leakage

Dive into Your Data and Share Results
TaliqCash transforms your operational transactions into detailed revenue statements for you to see your financial picture and operational performance all in one place

Achieve Greater Visibility
Our tool publishes accurate debtor ageing reports for greater visibility of your outstanding invoices and analyze the financial reliability of the clients for smarter business decisions. The ability to issue waivers, discounts and credit notes to customers helps to ease headaches in handling large volumes of transactions

Central Contract Repository
With a central contract repository, you can get a full view of customers and contracts. Create, approve and track customers across the life of every contract — capturing every contractual change for greater visibility and lower risk

Business Intelligence & Report

Make better business decisions through a deep, real-time view of your accounts receivable via dashboards, cash projections and day sales outstanding. Know your numbers and grow your business in the uncertain economy of today without having to leave growth to the chance of fate. You can take full control using financial metrics that are churned directly from your operational transactions and workflows to grow strategically in the most reliable way


Highly flexible

At least 60% deduction in billing operations manpower

Cloud based platform to provide 24 hour access

Easy & holistic AR modules with multiple billing models

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