Digital Talent Evaluation

Structured & Live Video Interviews for effective recruits anywhere, anytime

Our Digital Talent Evaluation platform is the holistic solution that a hiring manager needs. It allows unlimited interviews to be conducted at any given time to multiple candidates, all at one go without having the hiring manager to spend endless hours sitting through the interviews with limited resources. Candidates can simply click on the job vacancy and start recording their own video interviews based on a structured set of questions pre-set by the hiring manager. Once complete, all interviews will be submitted into a repository for the manager to review at their convenience. Team collaboration is also enabled in this system allowing them to score, comment and share feedback in a single tool without the need to use external party platforms. Using our system, the recruiter can carry out structured interviews simultaneously for all applicants without having to wait for all interviews to complete before top candidates can be shortlisted. The time saved can be fully utilized to interview and shortlist candidates for multiple other positions as well, without having to incur an opportunity cost of waiting time

Hire the best candidates the smarter way, faster – anywhere & anytime

Hire Faster & Better, Easily

We take the hassle out of scheduling interviews by empowering candidates to seamlessly choose an interview slot based on your calendar availability.

Our tool is seamlessly integrated with Google, iCloud,, Exchange, and Office365. Recruiters or hiring managers can gain access to the interview repository to rate and evaluate, automate candidate routing and share recordings to designated team members. By seamlessly integrating with our ATS, redundancies are reduced thereby allowing the hiring process to move faster with administrative data input

Collaborate Seamlessly within Hiring Teams 

Give Your Stakeholders an Elevated Hiring Experience Like No Other Before

Improve ROI with Massive Savings on Hiring Costs 

Use Business Intelligence to Your Advantage

As part of HR automation, an RPA bot can be programmed to construct and automate the entire flow of an interview in a structured manner from meeting the candidate, giving the interview with an automated format, to setting specific time frames for specific questions within a predetermined flow

RPA bots can intermittently communicate with the candidate making them feel connected and gather information to help create a comfortable and welcoming environment before the first video interview for the candidates

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