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Automating Talent Intelligence

In the last 22 years, our founder Akhil Gupta has worked in multiple organizations from industries such as Telecommunications, HR, and presently the IT domain. His vast experience in these domains has given him real insights into the value of talent and people in an organization, primarily the importance of hiring the right candidate, selecting the right person for a particular role and onboarding them into the system in a structured and organized manner. He has also discovered that recruiters often realize that finding the right talent is becoming increasingly cumbersome, in many instances after massive time and cost have been squandered. A lot of manual tasks is involved, and despite the availability of the best automation tools in the market today, they still struggle to cover the most basic and common processes in the recruitment and talent acquisition cycle.

Substantial manual tasks are carried out manually on excel sheets as well as emails on a daily basis resulting in massive bandwidth being dedicated by HR practitioners at all levels in carrying out repetitions of mundane transactions. While it is true that there are multiple tools in the HR space that provide an array of HR solutions, it is also a universal pain point amongst HR practitioners that the solutions are mostly fragmented and solve only sections or a portion of the talent acquisition cycle. In spite of the brilliance of these tools, they do not complete the whole nine yards of the hiring process to give a holistic experience to HR practitioners, thus rendering the entire HR landscape highly disintegrated. Although these solution providing tools are integrated with one another with the aim of providing a complete HR module, the experience is simply not seamless. In this light, Talbotiq, backed by a large conglomerate with business interests in the IT Infrastructure, HR as well as Consumer Goods industries, has embarked on the mission to create a holistic platform that is simple and intelligent enough to address the entire hiring lifecycle from the point of planning to onboarding.

Our Core Values


We say what we mean, & mean what we say


We create today, for a better tomorrow


We value relationships

Company Vision

To simplify talent management with holistic and intelligent automation

Our Value Proposition

Most software available in the market are extremely complex and deep in extensive features that are often left unutilized. We are giving power in the hands of the user by making our software user friendly, appealing to the eye and simple to operate

Our tools are built with in depth knowledge in every process of the HR lifecycle – created by HR practitioners, for HR practitioners

We strive to bridge the gap between HR tech and entrepreneurs by combining newer technology such as RPA, AI and ML with the basic needs of businesses today vis a vis the internal pain points and global challenges that HR entrepreneurs face 

We believe that there are substantial tools in the market that have a lot of value to add, however, HR practitioners are split between multiple tools with no common platform to utilize with visibility of the entire workflow that is being carried out from sales, all the way to financial reporting. We strive to ensure that our fellow HR practitioners have one central repository of all transactions that are carried out, documents generated and information churned at every stage of the cycle on one single platform

Let's build something great together and achieve your business goals

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