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Awesome First Day Onboarding Experience

Engage new hires and set them up for success the moment your offer is accepted

A robust onboarding experience boosts new hire retention by 82% and employee productivity by more than 70%. With a seamless and engaging process from pre-hiring leading up to their very first day, new hires are prepared to integrate into the organization more quickly, contribute to the team, and become fully assimilated into the company culture with ease.

Create an awesome first day experience for new hires

Get formalities out of the way on the first day and focus on meaningful introductions with / getting to know your new hire on a deeper level
TaliQHire’s onboarding kit eases the nightmare of paperwork and automates onboarding logistics, all on a single platform for you to fetch the data/documents conveniently
Customize your preonboarding packages with automated/pre configured workflows for branded welcome emails and recruitment checklists that let new hires know their next steps
Get new hires performing as soon as they join and build loyalty through a well structured & effective onboarding process

Build personal connections that last with great onboarding

Assign designated buddies to help new hires feel more welcome to the new team thereby making them feel more engaged
Create an organized and efficient onboarding process that strengthens your company image through effective processes
TaliQHire’s onboarding processes includes a personalised new-hire packet and a Get to Know You email to highlight shared interests, making introductions simple for both new hires and their new team members

Keeping Engagement with New Hires High

Integrate new team members faster and begin the onboarding process before they walk through your doors
Send automated onboarding tasks customizable for different job types, departments, and more for new hires to complete at their own convenience and pace
Create a personalized onboarding experience tailored specifically to the individual and their respective roles in your company
Build a sense of connection and belonging for your new hires by introducing team members and helping them familiarize with the company culture and policies

No More Headache of Administrative Tasks

Having seamlessly integrated with TaliQWorx, you can set automated & structured tasks to meet paperwork timelines and save massive time from something something
Managing your operations is now a breeze – you can easily assign & automate onboarding tasks based on jobs, locations, employee roles and more while keeping everyone on the same page with reminders and notifications
Set permissions, user roles and privacy settings >> do we include this, and what do we highlight here?

Reassess Your Recruitment Practices with Real Data

Collate feedback during the onboarding stages and get insights into areas of possible gaps for continuous improvement
Collaborate with hiring managers and relevant stakeholders to check off on all essentials for new hires on their first day

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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