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Employee Referrals Program

Power up your talent acquisition strategy with a Customized Employee Referrals Program to spark up employee engagement & attract top quality talents, faster

Faster Turn Around Time with Higher Retention Rates

Talents from referrals programs are faster to hire and yield higher retention rates from inheriting higher stakes in the company since the start. Supercharge your employee engagement and reward your people for their network
Implement your own structured employee referral program and cut down your hiring time substantially by approximately 30%. Traditional hiring takes up to a min of 39 days on average to fill a job post
With TaliQHire’s proprietary AI & deep learning engine, the system will be able to predict trends and patterns of recruitment flows to generate critical data on ways of attracting high value candidates

Driving Engagement & Building Trust

Empower your people by involving them in the recruiting process and witness a boost in morale and loyalty
Create a happier and highly engaging workforce with referred candidates sharing the same values as your people & company as a whole
Your people know your team best! Inspire them to take ownership with an incentivized referral program

Automated & Streamlined Rewards Program

Optimize workflows and eliminate the manual process of traditional employee referrals & tracking candidates with spreadsheets
Easily control your referral positions centring around high growth and hard-to-fill positions within your company
Track all referrals and real time progress on a single console and aggregate data directly from your career page, integrated seamlessly with TaliQHire

Increased Transparency & Team Collaboration

Create a personalized experience by matching relevant jobs to employees for quick and easy referrals
Enable close collaboration with your employees and allow them to submit candidate resumes against jobs shared on a unified platform
Get rid of the disconnect between employees and referrals with updates on real time progress of each candidate. Easily view the candidate’s status throughout the recruitment process
Schedule a demo with us for a better understanding on how TaliQHire works!

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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