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Digital Talent Interview & Evaluation

Digital Talent Evaluation

TaliQ-i, Talbotiq’s Digital Talent Evaluation platform, allows you to conduct structured
One-way and live video interviews for effective recruiting anywhere, anytime.

TaliQ-i, Talbotiq’s Digital Talent Evaluation (DTE) platform, allows you to conduct structured One-way and live video interviews for effective recruiting anywhere, anytime.

Faster & Better Hires

Fast track the interview process by creating structured One-Way interviews and let your candidates choose their preferred timeslot for auto scheduling of interviews anytime, anywhere. Conduct live interviews for only those candidates that deserve your time.
Automatically create interviews in seconds supported by our AI powered question library. Build great interviews swiftly with ready templates on job-related competencies and evaluation guides specific to various job roles
Manage the way your candidates self-record their interview by controlling factors such as think-time, number of retakes and maximum answer length or invite for live interview sessions
Make better hiring decisions by collecting real-time feedback and ratings from interviewers on each of your pre-defined interview criteria allowing swift and bias-free comparison between candidates. Re-calibrate and continuously improve your selection methodology by accessing past recordings of live and structured one-way interviews at anytime

Seamless Collaboration

Effortlessly engage with all stakeholders in the interview process by auto-routing candidate interview recordings for faster feedback on one platform
Eliminate the nightmare of coordinating various tasks between all relevant stakeholder by using TALIQWorx. Assign, track and escalate all types of tasks for easy coordination and efficient execution
Seamless integration with Whatsapp, emails (Google, iCloud and Office365), calendar and text messaging platforms for a unified communication experience. Encourage effective team work between users with our powerful In-App messaging tool
With TALIQ-i, our video communication & interview platform, you no longer need to switch between multiple 3rd party tools such as Microsoft teams, Zoom, Google meet etc

Elevated Candidate Experience

Provide an interactive and superior candidate experience via a personalised candidate portal where they can apply jobs, schedule and accept interview appointments as well as track the status of their applications
Position yourself as a top recruiter through personalised branding of your organization
Engage with your candidates throughout the hiring journey and beyond with regular updates via AI Bots as well automated messaging campaigns

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Make data driven hiring decisions for faster selection and an increased success ratio
Recalibrate your hiring strategy via proactive analytics of historical data from recorded interviews
Take control of your hiring process, through a consolidated dashboard on factors such as conversion rates, reasons for candidate rejection and more

Huge Savings in Hiring Costs & Improved ROI

With structured One-Way Interviews, cut down substantial time taken for preliminary shortlisting process and make the most efficient use of limited resources
Save on substantial costs & time by enabling live interviews @ a place of convenience without the need to physically travel to a common location
From swift Interview creation using our AI powered question library, to unlimited structured one-way interviews for preliminary shortlisting and seamless collaboration between all stakeholders over live interview sessions, significantly reduces the total time to hire (TTH) thereby maximizing the ROI for your business

Strong Governance & Compliance

Strengthen governance by implementing user specific permissions and strict access to controls
Monitor the communication flow between recruiters and candidates anytime while complying with local privacy laws
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