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360 Degree Talent Acquisition Platform

An AI Powered All in One Recruitment Platform,
Automating Your Entire Talent Acquisition Lifecycle

Corporate HR Edition

A unified recruitment automation platform crafted for Corporate HR professionals, empowering hiring teams to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle on a single platform, without the use of multiple third-party tools and countless spreadsheets

Recruiter's Edition

A true business management platform purpose built for Recruitment & Staffing companies with full visibility on all aspects of the recruitment business from sales leads, placements, to auto invoicing and revenue tracking

Digital Talent Interview & Evaluation

Productivity & Collaboration Manager

  • AI Powered Application Tracking System

  • Perfect ATS for Recruitement Businesses

    Auto Invoicing & Collection Tool

Hire Faster
& Better

In just a few clicks, you can source the best talents, create structured one-way interviews, auto generate offer letters and schedule onboarding activities for an awesome first day experience

Gain Deep Business Insights for Accurate Decision Making

With the use of Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics, TaliQOne effectively augments your decision making process for faster and more accurate decisions

Improve Your ROI & Make Every Penny Count

A competitively priced unified talent automation platform that helps save time, increase efficiency and reduce costs as you no longer need multiple tools to complete your recruiting process

Holistic Automation for Real & Remarkable Business Benefits

Simplify/Streamline your end to end recruitment transactions seamlessly with automation and increase overall efficiency through eliminated repetitive and manual tasks
Carry out tasks without the need to switch between multiple 3rd party applications & tools i.e Email, Excel, Word, Zoom, Teams, LinkedIn and etc. Save enormous time while ensuring there is no data leakage and slippage of critical information through the cracks
Connect with multiple job boards and social media, conduct interviews and obtain real-time feedback using TaliQ-I, roll out offer letters and carry out swift onboarding activities all from one holistic platform

Data Driven Insights for Accurate Decisions

With the use of Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics, our platform effectively augments your decision-making process for faster and more accurate decisions
Track & record the enormous data churned for full visibility & insights into critical aspects of your business, thereby allowing for maximum control
Spot & identify trends or patterns across various processes in your business, and proactively implement improvements, corrections and even make accurate predictions to rectify any possible gaps well ahead of time

Seamless Collaboration for One Platform Experience

Effortlessly engage with all stakeholders with a user friendly & simple interface for recruiters, clients, candidates and 3rd party vendors via a single console for full visibility and ease of convenience
Create & manage multiple users with different roles, expertise and permissions via a single login page, highly configurable based on your requirements. You can carry out individual tasks and gain access to different types of information required to complete the process flow holistically
Eliminate drops in communication with auto-alerts via a unified channel of communications and in-system messaging, with Email, WhatsApp & text messaging platforms integrations. Work effectively via Google, iCloud and Office365 integrations

Extensive Domain Expertise by HR Practitioners

Deep understanding and experience in the recruitment domain with on ground knowledge of real-life challenges in the HR world. First hand command of the mechanics & interdependency between different tasks & various types of insights for full visibility of recruitment practices
Intrinsic knowledge of business workflows & processes to assist you as subject matter experts in identifying gaps in your current recruitment landscape and offering a solution

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