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Perfect ATS for Recruitment Businesses

Applicant Tracking System

Automate your Recruitment business and take it to the next level with TaliQRecruit, our AI Powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS) purpose built for recruitment and staffing companies.

Take your recruitment process to the next level with TaliQRecruit, our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Integrate your sales and recruitment teams with our purpose built ATS with Sales CRM

Keep track of the actual performance of your sales and recruiting teams against their respective targets in order to accurately predict your income and maximise the return on your investment
Analyse your entire sales process through the opportunity lifecycle to improve your overall efficiency by tracking and managing the conversion ratio at each stage
By utilising TaliQRecruit, you will be able to source right and faster in your effort to hire the best talent

Take full control of your business with increased visibility and data driven insights

Through our proprietary AI engine, TaliQRecruit analyses hiring trends and patterns for a given position and predicts the skills or qualifications most suitable for the role based on machine learning and deep learning
It then selects the most qualified candidates from the resume database. TaliQRecruit’s engine creates a comprehensive candidates scorecard based on relevant skills, academic experience, and other elements. Our recommendation engine analyses job descriptions and extracts the relevant core skills and CTQs
With our in-depth analysis, and detailed performance reports tailored to your specific objectives, you can easily identify recruitment funnel bottlenecks and improve critical KPIs

Elevate your Candidate Experience

TaliQRecruit’s Candidate Portal allows applicants to keep track of job applications, interview requests, application status and stay on top of job offers
Using TaliQRecruit’s highly configurable templates for emails, SMS, and WhatsApp, you can keep applicant information organized through every stage of hiring with automatic alerts and in-system messaging
With TaliQ-i integration, candidates can carry out structured interview anywhere and anytime at their convenience

Build a Strong Pool of exceptional Talent

Auto parse & extract key information from a candidate resume into the system to create a gold mine of talents by having a consolidated candidate pool
Build a strong database of candidates via our integration with multiple free and premium job boards and social media platforms thereby saving massive amount of time in candidate sourcing
A Job Matching function with all applications for the job position will automatically score and shortlist the most relevant candidates for the job position
Organize your talent pool by creating folders & labels for easy search

Boost Your Bottomline

Our seamless integration with TaliQCash transforms your operational transactions into Detailed Revenue Statements giving real time view in revenue forecasts, account statements and gross margins
Boost your bottom line by measuring the performance of your sales and recruitment teams against their individual forecast. This allows you to recalibrate your business strategy well ahead of time to ensure achievement of your financial goals

Seamless Collaboration

Eliminate the nightmare of coordinating various tasks between all relevant stakeholder by using TALIQWorx. Assign, track and escalate all types of tasks for easy coordination and efficient execution
Using TaliQRecruit’s highly configurable templates and holistic integration with Whatsapp, emails (Google, iCloud and Office365), calendar and text messaging platforms, create a unified communication experience
With TALIQ-i, our video communication & interview platform, you no longer need to switch between multiple 3rd party tools such as Microsoft teams, Zoom, Google meet etc
In order to comply with global regulations and contemporary conventions, Talbotiq’s comprehensive recruitment tools follow data privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and others
With access security and on-demand wipe out, we continue to deploy the latest technologies to protect your data
Schedule a demo with us for a better understanding on how TaliQRecruit works!

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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