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Effective Task Management

Smart Task Management

Organise workflows and empower your team to maximise their productivity with TaliQWorx. Assign, track and escalate all types of tasks for easy coordination and efficient execution

Simple yet effective Task Management

TaliQWorx helps users to standardise their team’s workflows with task lists that can easily be created, grouped together and assigned to other team members
TaliQWorx allows you to subdivide your tasks into smaller sub-units, or micro tasks for granularity and allot individual due dates and tags to respective team members across multiple projects, enabling you to ensure all your tasks are up to date
Eliminate repetitive tasks for routine work using our recurring tasks feature. Create recurring tasks by select the frequency and days of week for custom repeated task events
As a centralised platform for document sharing, you can also seamlessly drag and drop files in multiple formats as attachments when creating and assigning tasks

Seamless Collaboration and Team Management

TaliQWorx enables team collaboration and streamlines internal communication by allowing your team members to share real-time updates on candidates, and leave task comments through direct messages via public or private groups, eliminating email clutter
Seamless integration with Whatsapp, emails (Google, iCloud and Office365), calendar and text messaging platforms for a unified communication experience
You can pre-configure the accessibility of tasks to be private or public, with the option to give access to selected team members for private tasks
With TaliQWorx, you can also see your workload and that of your team on a daily, weekly or monthly timeline format


Get real time analytics on your business performance and recruitment practices based on highly configurable pre-defined key metrics and KPIs for projects
Our interactive dashboard enables recruiters to filter data and view the progress status of tasks assigned to task lists
Get real insights on task completion and measurement of productivity levels for projects with and without due dates through visual representation of how much work is left to do in a project and the entire scope of work
TaliQWorx tracks all tasks and activities of stakeholders, including leads and opportunities, alerting reporting teams in real time, thereby enabling you to view task completion rates and gain insights into the workload and bandwidth of your teams on a timeline tailored to your needs
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