Talbotiq Technologies and Leaderonomics partner to bring HR leaders together for a learning and sharing event

Talbotiq Technologies (Talbotiq), a Recruitment Automation Technology provider, hosted the inaugural Talbotiq & Leaderonomics HR Networking Dinner at Namaste India Bangsar on Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

A group of 20 HR leaders from various industries attended the event. They have discussed the latest trends and developments in the HR space, that have been brought about by the pandemic and technological advancements. It was a successful evening of networking and sharing that provided the guests with an opportunity. It is to gain a deeper understanding of the digital HR revolution taking place today.

Organisational culture is undergoing rapid changes in the digital age, post-pandemic. As a result, organisations are increasingly reassessing traditional business practices and adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape because of digital technology. Towards this, the networking event explored how digitalisation is reshaping organisational culture. From the adoption of innovative technologies to how it impacts relationships and decision-making processes.

Talbotiq Technologies CEO and Founder Akhil Gupta commented, “The HR industry is experiencing a major shift as a result of technological advancements. Despite the opportunities that new technologies present, there is also some uncertainty associated with the changes that these technologies will bring. This event was very successful in bringing together the HR community to discuss these concerns. Among other things, in a relaxed environment.”

Leaderonomics Founder and CEO Roshan Thiran said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and play in unprecedented ways. Innovative technologies are reshaping and disrupting traditional HR functions. It is requiring practitioners to be more agile and responsive to support the needs of employees and businesses. The event was designed to introduce the HR community to Akhil. He was able to share how his organisation is supporting and addressing the digital HR revolution.”

Akhil, who has over two decades of experience in Information Technology Infrastructure, Digital Automation, and the Human Resource industry shared his views on how technology can improve the emotional connection within organisations. In addition, he commented, “as we explore these topics, I hope that all participants were able to leave the inaugural networking event with a clearer understanding of the challenges and opportunities that their organisation is facing, and how they can successfully navigate the digital age.”

As part of its ongoing effort to discuss other pressing issues affecting the HR industry, Talbotiq and Leaderonomics intend to host more such networking events soon.

For more information on Talbotiq, please visit https://talbotiq.com/

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