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Using Technology to Enhance the Candidate Journey

Using Technology to Enhance the Candidate Journey

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By Akhil Gupta, Founder and CEO of Talbotiq Technologies

The candidate journey, which describes the job search process candidates go through, should, therefore, not be underestimated.

If you were purchasing a product or service, what would you do first? In most cases, you would evaluate the available options to determine which product or service best suits your budget and needs.

Likewise, when it comes to hiring new employees, the candidates’ first contact with a company begins long before they apply.

The candidate journey, which describes the job search process candidates go through, should, therefore, not be underestimated.

At every stage of the candidate journey, recruiters and hiring managers engage candidates in ways that affect their experience, attitude, and actions. Nancy Pollack emphasises the importance of creating a positive candidate experience in an article on Glassdoor.According to Glassdoor, 72% of job seekers reported negative experiences online.


The consequences of this can adversely affect a company’s brand equity and prevent future applicants from considering it.

To recruit the best talent, it is essential to understand how candidates interact with the company throughout their journey.

Evolution of the Candidate Journey

Over the past 20 years, HR has made great strides. In the early days of the Internet, before social media platforms exploded, recruiters relied on employee referrals and job boards to find talent.

Following the identification of potential candidates, a massive amount of time is consumed with several weeks or even months of back- and-forth interactions as these candidates are interviewed, evaluated, and either accepted or rejected.

In today’s world, recruiters and hiring managers can access a multitude of HR technology tools, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digitalisation making the candidate journey easier, faster, and more engaging. It is now possible for HR to make a greater impact on the growth and development of an organization in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Meanwhile, candidates can watch TikTok videos about a company and then research it on other social media platforms.

After that, they may take part in an online career fair, communicate with recruiters via mobile applications, undergo a video interview, or conduct a virtual interview with hiring managers located in different cities and countries.

HR Goals Achieved Through Technology

The technology landscape of today is both crowded and fragmented, with multiple tools addressing similar or different problems, and integrations between them far from being seamless.

It’s time to start thinking of automation as a holistic tool to better manage our limited time, instead of just dealing with repetitive and mundane tasks.


When used properly, automation can improve workflow efficiency and effectiveness. Automating work processes strategically and correctly can simplify and improve work processes for corporations, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), business owners, and employees.

Regardless of digital savviness, adoption of the technology will be high if it is made simple enough for everyone to understand. In addition, it is not necessary to deploy tech solutions in a big bang approach, which involves large, complex, and expensive activities.

Various digital solutions are available in the market, including those for small businesses and start-ups, regardless of their budgets and levels of digital readiness.

As a result of this, Talbotiq Technologies Sdn Bhd (Talbotiq), a Recruitment Automation Platform provider for the HR industry, developed TaliQOne, an AI-powered all-in-one platform for HR practitioners to provide them with an ideal tool for the entire talent lifecycle, backed by vast experience in HR and a deep understanding of the industry’s pain points.

By automating the entire recruitment process, collecting and analysing data of all users of the platform, from the CEO to the HR director, to the employees, TaliQOne

empowers decision makers to make smarter data-driven decisions for their companies, as well as recruiters to make optimal hiring decisions faster.

HR practitioners can create a positive candidate journey by using the right HR tech tools, allowing them to focus on their employees. Ultimately, when we think about the future of work and how technology affects it, we must remember that the way we design it and how it fits into the workflow is key to the user’s experience.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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