Our AI-powered video interview tool helps you hire the best candidates, faster and easier

Easily create & schedule video interviews, assess your candidates’ skills & experience, and make more informed hiring decisions using powerful data & analytics

The Complete Interviewing Solution for Businesses of All Sizes​

Our AI-powered video interview tool comes with a variety of features that make it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. These features include:

Your Time, Your Terms. Screen Candidates Easily with AI-Powered Competency Based Structured Video Interviews

Our video interview tool enables both automated structured interviews for efficient screening and live video interviews for deeper candidate insights. Score and evaluate candidates in real-time for objective hiring decisions.

Attract the Best Talent with Accurate Job Descriptions. AI Powered JD Specific Questions Bank

Our AI-powered JD specific questions bank allows you to create a library of interview questions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each job opening. This ensures that you are asking candidates the right questions to assess their suitability for the role

Schedule Interview in Minutes. Kiss Back-and-Forth Emails Goodbye!

Simply upload your candidate’s availability and the tool will automatically find a time that works for both of you. Create and send interview invitations effortlessly, syncing seamlessly with your calendar 

Share Insights Instantly & Make Speedy Decisions. On screen candidate rating & feedback collection

Our on-screen candidate rating and feedback collection feature allows you to rate and provide feedback to candidates during the interview, enabling you to assess their performance against the critical-to-qualify skills.

Flexible Review with a Digital library accessible at any time

Our digital library of recorded video interviews allows you to access and share recorded interviews instantly with your team, from anywhere. This is a great way to review candidates fairly, get instant feedback from multiple stakeholders, and make more accurate hiring decisions.

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